CallinGo Mobile applications on your Nokia!

Save up to 99% or more on your international calls, SMS anytime, anywhere...even areas where VoIP is restricted!

CallinGo Symbian is a FREE application that allows CallinGo users to place international calls directly from their Nokia. Once you download the application on your Symbian based Nokia, Samsung phones, you do not need to dial any Access Numbers or PINs anymore to be able to use CallinGo service, just dial your destination as normally you do or choose your contact from your address book, and dial directly!

Nokia, Symbian

  • Nokia

    • Works from VoIP Blocked Area
    • Send SMS worldwide
    • Receive Incoming Calls
  • iTunnel

    Simply Point to CallinGo iTunnel Mobile is a softphone Dialer for Symbian based mobile phones (per example Nokia, Samsung etc.). The most popular are various models of Nokia phones such as e61, e71, N97 and many others.
  • Magic Call

    Simply Point to Magic Call is a soft phone Dialer for Symbian based mobile phones. It works from UAE/ DU NetworkWifi and 3G and supports various models of Nokia phones such as e61, e71, N97 and many others.

No Carrier minutes usage charges, No connection fees, No Access Number to Dial

Download the CallinGo's Symbian/ Nokia app and start saving now!
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  • Works from anywhere in the world!
  • Works from UAE, Dubai. KSA, Oman, Qatar
  • International SMS at lowest rates
  • Receive Incoming Calls
  • No Carrier minutes usage charges
  • Direct Contacts Dialing
  • Uses iPhone contacts
  • Store and manage favorites
  • Logs recent calls & sms
  • Crystal Clear Quality
  • Lowest International Rates
  • No connection fees
  • No contracts, No Roaming
  • No Access Number to Dial
  • Satisfaction guaranteed!

With these application, user can make cheap VOIP calls. SAVE 95% or more with Symbian/Nokia APP connected to the internet via Wi-Fi and 4G, 3G, 2G\EDGE

  • Making and receiving Video and Audio call
  • Connectivity through WIFI, 4G/3G/2G, EDGE
  • Send and Receive Text Messaging
  • Works with WIFI and 3G/EDGE
  • Compatible with Symbian Nokia
  • International SMS (Sender ID supported)
  • Receive Incoming Calls with Voice Mailbox
  • Caller ID Feature
  • Video call (HD Quality)
  • Direct Contacts Dialing
  • Store and manage favorites
  • Call Recording Feature
  • Logs recent calls
  • View SMS records
  • View rates to all countries
  • Integrated contacts from the phone
  • Loudspeaker
  • Favorites
  • Balance information
  • Call cost information
  • Time, call status log
  • Redial


1. Signup for by visiting website.

2. Download APP on Nokia handset from the website link

3. Launch APP → Account Settings → enter your user name and PIN information (PIN will be send via email & SMS upon verification).

4. Launch the app and dial destination number using any of the Dial formats

e.g. 0114922330111 or 004922331123 or simply +4969133123456