Cheapest International Phone Calls

CallinGo offers a unique cheap international calling service that can be used from any smart phone running CallinGo application. With CallinGo to CallinGo (on-net) you can make super cheap phone calls and video calls to your friends and family all over the world for free.

If you are CallinGo member, call any mobile phone running CallinGo application for free. If the mobile application multi-mode is turned off, the call will be placed via regular rates. At every call, we will announce your rate so user always knows which rate the call will be billed.

You may also use your smart phone running CallinGo application and call anybody around the world running CallinGo application for same low rate free.

CallinGo to CallinGo Video, Phone Call and SMS for FREE

(High Definition Video and Voice Call)

Create an account, invite your CallinGo friends and call each & other for free around the world!

Find out how to make cheap phone calls to any country using nothing but your CallinGo mobile application.

FREE international calls from your iPhone, Android, or Windows PC

  • No connection Fee
  • No Roaming charges
  • No minutes usage form carriers
  • No contract or monthly commitment
  • No Hassle- Dial Direct
  • Work Worldwide with Wi-Fi- 3G/4G

Download an app and try it today- it's Free!


International phone calls from your mobile

After signing up, simply add the number for the friend you want to call on your CallinGo contact list. CallinGo connects your calls over the Internet and passes the saving onto you! We strive to offer the lowest possible rate for your calls at the best quality, and we're always working hard to save you money.

No more paying for expensive long distance with your carrier, or impractical Nights and Weekend plans that just don't work with your schedule. Cheapest way to call worldwide destination with best video and voice quality!

You can call & anytime, anywhere, for FREE

Free International calls, video calls, text messages to other CallinGo members using 3G/4G, Wi-Fi, EDGE, GPRS

  • Save loads of money with international phone calls
  • Call from your mobile, your landline, your Smartphone - anytime, anywhere!
  • Never pay any connection fees or expensive mobile rates again!
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