The cheapest way to text abroad

CallinGo allow its customer to send cheap international text message (SMS ) worldwide. All you have to do is type your message, select a contact and press send. The text will look like it has been sent from your phone number & you get the reply on your phone.

Got a Smartphone?

to use your account on the go.

Global SMS

  • Type your text message online
  • Add your friend's number and press send
  • Cheap text delivered to your friend

Our global SMS service means you can stay in touch with friends and relatives overseas for as little as 2c per text with no hassle or any other hidden costs!

Just enter the number you want to send your text to and type in your message.

  • Tell us a number

    Verify Your Mobile number from which you want to send a message

  • Write your message

    Type your message and press send

  • Get a reply

    The received text appears to have come from your number so your friend can reply.

How much will Worldwide SMS cost?

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