PC-2-Phone (Free Feature)

Make Calls and Send SMS from Your PC!

Works from Anywhere in the world including UAE (ETI & DU), KSA, Middle East, Vietnam!

The advantage of PC-2-Phone is that you can now call any number in the world, directly from your PC. Sign up now, install the application, and you're good to go! If you already have an account just download the application.


Works from VoIP Restricted area

Send SMS via PC-2-Phone Dialer & SAVE BIG

CallinGo PC app is just like a phone on your computer, so you make Free calls to other CallinGo PC dialer or mobile user and enjoy super cheap international calls to any other mobile or landline. You can even send cheap international SMS, just like from a regular phone!

With CallinGo for PC Dialer, you can:

  • Make Cheap calls to other CallinGo application users
  • Save up to 99% or more on international calls and send cheap SMS
  • Call with CallinGo from anywhere in the whole world
  • No user names or extra contact lists - import contact list via Outlook
  • Easy set up - just download app and get started calling in 30 seconds

Features of PC Dialer:

Call & SMS any number from your PC ...

Pay incredibly low and cheap rates! The advantage of PC-2-Phone is that you can now call any number in the world, directly from your PC including UAE, Oman, Qatar, KSA, Middle East, Egypt, Vietnam . Install the application, add calling credit to your account, and you're good to go. Also, once you sign up for a PC-2-Phone account, you're also given a PIN number, so you can use your credit for making calls from a phone, as well!

  • SMS

    Have important news or want to remind your friends about an event? Why not text them rather than call? With the SMS feature from PC-2-Phone you can send text messages to any mobile number in the world. Simply login to the application and go to the SMS section.

    Check the SMS rates for each destination here.

    You can receive SMS back to any mobile phone by putting number in your Caller ID feature in the PC Dialer " PIN Setting". The Caller ID number needs to be first Trusted with CallinGo Service to avoid spam. This features allow to receive SMS reply back to any of your desired mobile devices.

  • Virtual Number

    Have your friends call you at local rates, wherever in the world you are! Sign up and get a Virtual Number in the country/city of your choice; give out the number to your friends and family and when they call you, you will be able to answer from PC-2-Phone, regardless of your location. You only pay to rent the number on monthly basis. There are no charges for the calls you receive. The greatest advantage is that, if your friends are in Mexico for example, and you get a Mexico Virtual Number, they will be charged for a local call when calling you! And the best part is that you can have multiple Virtual Numbers, for various locations around the globe!

    Countries where virtual number is available...

  • Contact List

    One of the options available in the PC-2-Phone application enables you create and manage your own calling list - making the entire calling process a lot easier and faster. You can call any number in the Contact List in one click, or organize them into groups. Remember to save the phone numbers in the international format (with the country code in front of the number).

    You can also import your contact from outlook and search from Phone Book entries. You can also send SMS from the contact list.

  • History

    The call history embedded in our PC-2-Phone callers allows you to see the last dialed numbers or received calls. This can be a useful way of keeping track of when you talked to your friends (or business partners), and you can also use it for fast redialing. SMS messages log is also saved.

  • Available on Windows

    You can install and use the PC-2-Phone application (and take advantage of lowest International rates) on Windows (XP or later versions). Installing the application takes less than 1 minute.

    Windows XP, Vista, Windows 7 Requires soundboard, earphones or speakers, microphone